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For the past ten years, dating sites, “sex chat” (promoting sexual encounters), (web) naughty cams or “hot dial” (erotic dialogue) have been popping up on the web. brings together all activities of a sexual nature practiced by Internet users during media exchanges (photographs, videos, texts, messages) via the web. Gone are the days of street courtiers and old-fashioned balls, the internet has renovated the seduction strategies of web surfers, at the same time dusting off the sexual practices of the alcove of the bedroom. As this website mentions it, sexual practices are allowed on some websites.

Libertine couples, singles or life-enjoyers, the quest for thrill is enough to satisfy in the virtual world of. Consuming virtual sex at will, quickly, discreetly, and intensely thanks to depends on your desire and the moment of your impulses. Your screen then turns into an enticing showcase and your keyboard transforms into a sex remote.

The Internet has begun a revolution in morals. That’s the pungent side of. Guilty pleasure does not exist in the virtual. Almost anything is allowed. The most unspeakable fantasies are written, confessed, exchanged and realized upon request and acceptance. But this is also where the negative side of lies. We do not know who we can fall on and even if we are “protected” by a screen, we are not safe from unsightly encounters … The whole thing is to find the right partner, as in real life!

The sensual game to which the initiates has a liberating function, because it is practiced under the guise of a mask, the pseudonym linked to the profile connected profile on the chosen site. The anonymity, immediacy, and rapid availability of multiple partners via cats make the search heterogeneous. And guarantee the discretion of your sensual activities. Potential partners come from diverse social and socio-cultural backgrounds. allows exchange with people with whom we could not have come into contact without the internet.

Behind the screen, you can change your age and your social status, in short, you can be who you want to be. The entrepreneur to whom everything succeeds can safely turn into a submissive or a slave. Shy women can turn into severe dominatrix.

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