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Common Questions About Same Sex Marriage

When two married adults wish to have a committed, meaningful relationship, they often think about their future together as though it is something fixed and unalterable. A great majority of relationships between married adults change over time, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. However, there are many examples of cohabiters who have stayed together for decades. These relationships are all the more remarkable in that they require so little effort or investment on the part of the partners to maintain. Consult with a medical professional such as primemensmedical.com when determining how to address intimacy issues as a couple, including ED and PE.

A very common example of how committed married couples manage to cohabit is when one spouse takes time to make major medical decisions. This is a fairly common practice in marriages, where one spouse has a pre-existing illness or condition. When this spouse makes major medical decisions, it often results in one or both partners moving out of the family home, even if they have children with the other parent. In this situation, it is not uncommon for the children to suffer through a difficult divorce process and even be removed from the parents’ home.

The most common example of cohabitation is when a married couple decides to have a prenuptial agreement, which details the division of assets and liabilities in the event of a divorce. Although this type of agreement may prevent or protect the other spouse from stepping in to take over the family home or filing for bankruptcy, the mere existence of such agreements can sometimes force a couple to choose a court battle over their relationship. For this reason, many states have laws that allow married couples to enter into what are called “conditional cohabitation” agreements. These agreements outline the division of property and other financial responsibilities between the two individuals, but require the married couple to file their income tax returns with the IRS on an annual basis.

In addition to their annual return, another way in which married couples can demonstrate commitment to each other is by filing a “springing child” report with the IRS. A springing child report is filed by the biological parent of a child who is ailed or disabled because of age or illness. If a biological parent does not file this report, or does not follow state guidelines regarding child support, a “springing child” report can be completed by the non-custodial parent. This report provides the custodial parent with a means of obtaining information about his/her child, such as current and past address, school and community participation.

Another common example of cohabitation can be illustrated through the legal agreements of same sex married couples. Several U.S. adults who are interested in legally recognizing their relationship are turning to the guidance of an experienced, licensed marriage attorney. These couples may be concerned about how the laws regarding same sex marriages will affect them; they may also be concerned about the possibility of being legally classified as a sexual offender after being exposed to same sex sexual partners. While same sex legal agreements may vary depending on the state, these agreements are becoming increasingly more common, and are currently being utilized in hundreds of same sex legal cases throughout the country. Because same sex couples are not legally recognized as married, the laws regarding same sex sexual relations are considered to be even more complex and challenging than those surrounding heterosexual relationships.

The above examples highlight the need for married individuals to take action if they are interested in protecting their legal rights; protecting their families; and being able to raise children in a way that is consistent with their beliefs and values. No matter what the reason behind seeking a same sex legal agreement, it is essential that individuals seek legal counsel before beginning proceedings. An experienced same sex family law attorney can assist interested parties in understanding their rights and obligations, and in presenting legal agreements that will be beneficial to all parties involved. In the long run, same sex cohabitation arrangements may prove to be beneficial to all parties involved.

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